Saturday, August 30, 2008

Truly a facebook addict

I have decided that I am addicted to facebook so I am going to start blogging instead.  So, let me introduce myself...Hi I am K...and I am a facebook addict.  AAWW now that felt good!!!  For some people, it is alcohol, some heroin,!!  My poor, dear, sweet husband believes that my laptop has become a new appendage for me.  He can hear the little tip tap of the keys all through the night sometimes.  So, for anyone out there that does not facebook - 

1. WTF???
2. You must do it.

Maybe I shouldn't encourage it since it has become an obsession.  Sign up today, no wait don't sign up, yes sign up.  While some people MAY say that it is a huge waste of time...true!!! You MAY  get haters that want to leave negative comments about facebook...true again!!!  I can only imagine that they just don't understand.  I mean the Pieces of Flair can keep me busy for hours.  Really they can.  It is as if they are little shiny beacons of light.  I will begin the weaning process from facebook tomorrow, I think, yes tomorrow!!!  SSHH don't tell my husband as he thinks I am e-mailing long lost relatives and friends that I found of facebook. 

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